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Candidate Name

Leean Jame Santos




Student/ Freelance Model

Language / Dialect

English, Tagalog

Role Model

My parents, although they were considered teenage parents back then at 16 years old, they were able to turn our life around with everyone doubting them. They had to make unimaginable sacrifices that led to 2 beautiful daughters have a very good life financially and emotionally.


Most of my time is based on my study timetable. I find joy in studying (academics). I also practice in myself using needles, drips, syringes and the likes, would be fun with a companion but because of this, I'm capable of extracting my own blood and doing glutadrips alone.


Besides constantly studying, I'm currently into watching sitcoms during my free time. I also pretend to vlog about my day or do a voice over in my videos but never post them.

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