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Candidate Name

Christine Banzon




Speech Therapist/ Content Creator

Language / Dialect

English, Tagalog

Role Model

My role models are my grandmother and my mother because they exemplify unconditional love. Love that overcomes all hardships and empowers others to become better. They have inspired me as a girl and continue to inspire me now to be a light everywhere I go.


Acting, Modeling, Beauty Pageant, Dancing, Photography


I believe that communication is at the heart of what it means to be human. That’s why I created Beautiful Voices Foundation to help individuals with communication disorders such as autism, ADHD, hearing loss, language delays, aphasia and others. Through my foundation, we are raising awareness through social media, school presentations and public workshops. We have raised funds through garage sales, fitness classes, dance classes and a formal evening gala to provide wheelchairs, educational supplies and food to children with disabilities living in poverty in Quezon City, Philippines. I am joining Miss Manila to bring the same help and support to children in Manila. Please feel free to follow @beautifulvoicesfoundation to learn more!

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